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Maintaining Weight Training Equipment

If you want to lose weight, tone up, and get into better overall shape, you have to add weight training to your exercise program. Men will be more into this than women, but females can benefit just as much from muscle building programs without bulking up like men do. You can get your weight lifting in at the gym, but you can also buy a few things to do it at home for the same results. These […]

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Tips For Weight Lifting at Home

If you are one of those people that does not feel like going to the gym all the time, you are not alone. Some people do not want to get locked into a contract that they can not shake and may never use, and some are self conscious and prefer to work out away from the eyes of others. There are great options for working out on your own and in your own home. If you are […]

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Get the Right Exercise Clothes

If working out is a priority for you, or if you soon want to make it a priority so that you can lose weight and feel better while regaining your health, you have to have the right workout clothes. You can start out in sweats and a tee shirt, but soon enough you are going to want to wear something else. The right clothing for workout sessions means more comfort, less problems with your skin, and also […]

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Drug Abuse on the One Hand and Exercise

What the scientists involved in the experiment wanted was to try to find a place where two polar opposites in human behavior – a fondness for exercise and fitness routines and a fondness for drug abuse – met. It was an experiment done in the Middle East that actually went some way to proving that a connection did exist. The experiment of course was done with rats on treadmills. What it ended up proving was that if […]

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The Benefits of Exercise Extend Well Beyond the Sports Field

Sometimes, the kind of things that research ends up claiming can seem somewhat far-fetched. But that’s the whole point of conducting research, isn’t it – to reveal things that you wouldn’t otherwise think of? Consider this revelatory finding that was just published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine about benefits of exercise that you would never have thought of your own: apparently, a college education doesn’t really equip one adequately to cross busy […]

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